Thursday, May 8, 2014

OBIEE - Multitenancy - Presentation Catalog

As discussed in the previous post, OBIEE: Multitenancy Implementations generally involve a varied user base with different needs from the underlying data warehouse. Furthermore, the users are also able to expand the presentation catalog on their own during the lifetime of this implementation.

So, ideally, the provider will present the users with a basic set of reports and dashboards which will be deemed universal for the subject areas being covered. These will be designed after consulting with various user groups from different target audience (tenant groups). The provider should also generate basic templates which can be extended for ad hoc analysis to ensure that the users are utilizing the power of the underlying BI platform.

As this blog is focused primarily around OBIEE and supporting Oracle echo system, I will say that this should be given to the users so they can benefit from the ad hoc capabilities provided by OBIEE. With proper training, the users can form a 'power user' group within their rank-and-file. These power users can create custom reports for specific tenants or groups within them. In addition, the provider can offer custom consulting for a fee and come up with reports and dashboards for specific tenants.

To summarize:
  • Global reports and dashboards for all
  • Global templates for everyone to use as the starting point for ad hoc analysis
  • Personal space for each users where they can save
    • frequently used ad-hoc analysis
    • work-in-progress before the artifacts are released for use with others within the tenancy
  • Directories for each tenant to share
    • Custom reports among themselves
    • Proof-of-concept reports for validation (access may be restricted to certain auditors only)
    • Custom development done by the provider - often for a fee - available only to users of the particular tenant. Artifacts from this section may eventually find its way into the global area, depending on popularity, maturity of the offering, etc.
Of course, all of these need to be properly secured. There will be sub-directories/sections which will have appropriate authorization considerations based on the user’s role within the tenancy.

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