Friday, November 14, 2014

Exalytics - Patch Set 5 ( Exalytics PS5)

Oracle released the PatchSet 5 for Exalytics last week.

Here are some highlights:

Base Image upgrade

Majority of the patch is confined to the Base Image.

New base image - to include kernel upgrade to 2.6.39-400. additional drivers and firmware upgrade for X4-4 machines.

It comes with an Upgrade utility which will allow for patching a PS4 machine to PS5.

Virtual Deployments Upgrade

 VM server upgrade to 3.2.8, and guest kernel to 2.6.39-400

Additional software certification

Oracle Database In-Memory: 

Oracle database 12c EE (rel with in-memory edition is now certified with Exalytics when run in Data Warehouse mode. (No OLTP support)

Does this mark the end of TT on Exalytics?

I will update this as we upgrade a client's machine to PS5!

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